As they say, soft ballistics and hard ballistics differ in the strength of the material.

Protection class 4 is not always necessary or even possible.

If, for example, the ballistics are not to be visible in the area of ​​personal protection, it is difficult to strap a class 4 ballistic plate to the person being protected and hope that it remains hidden.

It would also be rather unwieldy for normal police patrol officers to carry out their daily duties with an additional 5 kg. It's good that this is not yet necessary in Germany.

There are also different protection classes in soft ballistics. So an SK1 vest stops up to .44 Magnum bullets and offers very good protection and at the same time can be worn very inconspicuously.

Protection class SK3 is still soft ballistics and can also be carried concealed if appropriate clothing is worn. This protection class can even protect against 7.62 NATO bullets!

However, if you are going into zones where the use of AP ammunition is expected, an SK4 plate (hard ballistics) is indispensable...

The advantage of soft ballistics is therefore clear. Less weight, high protection, concealed carry, greater range of uses.

The disadvantage: comparatively higher purchase costs, no protection against AP (armor piercing "Armor Pierce") ammunition. Environmental influences such as moisture can shorten the lifespan of soft ballistics.

The advantage of hard ballistics SK4: the highest possible protection, durable and resistant to environmental influences,

Disadvantage: High acquisition costs, heavy, restricts mobility, visible.

The highest and strongest protective effect can be achieved by using SK3 full-body protective vests with shoulder, neck, lumbar and all-round protection and the additional insertion of SK4 plates. Shooters cut at the front and square cut at the back. Side plates in SK4 are also available. This is the most optimal protective effect that can be combined, but with a weight of approx. 11 kg, it also means that mobility will be severely restricted.

So everyone has to decide for themselves where their priorities lie.

Please let us know what type of use you need the protection for!
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