We offer a range of medical products, all of which have CE certification and are extensively tested by us to the utmost. We do this with all products, but we pay particular attention to IFAKs and tourniquets.

We currently offer 5 different IFAKs and 3 different tourniquets.

In terms of quality, all of them are of the highest medical standard and of the BEST quality. They only differ in different materials and the extent of the equipment.

Here you will find a quick overview of the prices of the products we offer:

IFAK sets:

  • AM-02: €92.32
  • AM-03: €88.00
  • AM-07: €86.35
  • AM-09: €88.50
  • AM-16s: €128.50


  • Tourniquet Normal: 35€
  • Tourniquet Strike Force Steel: 45€
  • Tourniquet Original CAT™: €60

Please note that we can also offer discounts when purchasing larger quantities (from 100 pieces).

Further tourniquets and our own designs are currently being tested.