We offer you a range of operational resources that have already paid off in various operations and are used as permanent equipment by various authorities, emergency services, special units and aid organizations. This starts with ballpoint pens, flares, ladders and tactical/ballistic shields.

The range is huge and we strive to constantly expand our product range.

Management equipment and operational equipment* (FEM for short or FuEM) are work equipment and tools that the police, the prison service, the fire department, the rescue service and other aid organizations use to lead or manage an operation.*

Emergency resources are items that usually include technical devices, but also tools, lighting technology and vehicles as well as maps and extinguishing agents.*

Guidance devices are usually communication technology devices, mostly radio technology devices. They are used to manage emergency services and operational resources and are used by operations management and emergency services.*

General resources*
The general, cross-organizational resources include, for example, emergency vehicles, control centers, BOS radio system, radio devices, radio signaling and control systems, working dogs, respiratory masks, protective helmets, warning lights, traffic cones, barrier tapes, emergency signaling devices, multi-purpose trains, dosimeters and dose rate measuring devices.*

In the case of police, the following are specifically added: police vehicles (such as patrol cars and water cannons), police radio, handcuffs, weapons, ammunition, batons, irritant sprayers, body armor, protective vests, police horses and dogs, radar, protective shields, spit protection hoods, megaphones, rams, nail straps and barriers.*

Ambulance service*
The following items are used in the rescue service, among others: defibrillator, ECG machine, ventilator, blood glucose meter, disposable glove, patient guidance system, blood pressure monitor, laryngoscope, pulse oximetry, Guedel tube, stethoscope, medication, stretcher, resuscitator, suction pump, vacuum splint material, cricothyrotomy set, carrying chair, rescue corset , cervical support, pupil light, infusion, percussion hammer, clinical thermometer, capnometer, amputee care, wound dressings, gauze bandage, triangular cloth and oxygen bottle.*

Fire department*
For information about the fire brigade's equipment, see fire engine and fire brigade equipment.*

Civil protection and THW*
For further information on civil protection, see also disaster protection vehicle. For the Technical Relief Organization (THW), see also Technical Train.*

*= Source: Wikipedia

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